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Real Time Pre-Enrollees (Redirect) Leads

Now, you can talk to prospects the very instant they have expressed an interest in receiving info on a home business. This lead is generated through High Quality Search Engine Optimization means, The lead is then redirected to your specified website, after filling out the Survey Form.

Real-time Pre-Enrollees leads mean that the instant a prospect fills out a Survey Form on the internet. The lead is redirected to your specified website.

Each lead comes with the following information in addition to a Back Office:

Name, full address, email and phone number
Best time to call (leads are from the U.S.)
Reason they are looking for a home-based business
Their interest level
How Many Hours Do They Have To Invest Each Week
Desired Monthly Income
Date/Time Stamp & IP Address

Pre-Enrollees (Redirect Leads) - Real Time
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