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Mom Execs - Real Time Leads

Now you can talk to prospects the very instant they have expressed an interest in receiving info on Mom Exec. No more calling someone that has already talked to ten other network marketers or someone who requested info so long ago they have forgotten about it.

Real-time leads mean that the instant a prospect fills out the Mom Exec form on the internet, expressing interest in the Mom Exec home-based business and hits the "Submit" button, that info is emailed to you. If you're fast, they may still be on that website when you call them! Now, that's a hot lead.

Each lead comes with the following information:

Name, full address, email and phone number
Are you currently working with a home based business?
What was the last weight loss program you tried?
How did you hear about Mom Execs?
How much money they are willing and able to invest
What is your monthly income goal?
Best time to call
Date/Time Stamp & IP Address

Mom Execs - Real Time Leads
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